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Jim&Tony Buckthorn Gin
48,9% vol. 60ml.   

Jim&tony – award winning  premium danish ginThe two G&T nerds, Jim and Tony, have been pursuing a long and, at times, arduous mission – a mission with the sole purpose of developing the ultimate gin for gin and tonic.
JIM & TONY are developing their Buckthorn Gin in collaboration with master distiller Henrik Elsner at the wonderfully traditional STONE GRANGE distillery in idyllic Fredensborg, where both premium snaps and gin are produced.
JIM & TONY – BUCKTHORN Premium Danish Gin is produced solely by distilling carefully selected ingredients – juniper, coriander, fennel, and buckthorn – all handcrafted using a copper kettle at STONE GRANGE.
JIM & TONY – BUCKTHORN GIN won two prizes in 2017 at IWSC London, which incorporates the world’s largest gin, and gin and tonic competition, where they scooped silver in the gin and tonic category, and bronze in the gin category.
Learn more at jimtony.dk / Instagram:jimtonygin

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Elg Gin No. 1.47,2% vol. 60ml.
Elg No. 1. Classic, crystal clear all-round gin

Classic, crystal clear all-round gin. It is based on juniper, coriander and carrot, but the taste is dominated by the flavour of juniper.
The three botanicals: Extracted in pure wheat spirits and distilled separately using an advanced column distillation method, providing not only a unique purity and elegance to the distillate, but also allows to achieve the same flavour and aroma in every batch independent of fluctuations in the content of flavours in raw botanicals from year to year. It contains 47.2 % alcohol, which gives remarkable intensity in both aroma and taste.
Perfect Design:  ELG GIN No. 1 is designed to perfectly mix in countless of cocktails, but you can also drink it clean, “on the rocks” or because it goes so well with most tonic waters, as a classical “G & T.
Awards:  ElG GIN No. 1 has earned many awards; among others a double gold at CWSA 2017 and Silver Outstanding at IWSC 2016.

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Fionia Organic Gin
38% vol. 60ml.

Organic gin from Nyborg destilleri
At Nyborg Destilleri they produce Whisky, Rum, Gin and Aquavits based on organic fruits and barley from the island of Fyn. The love of Scotland and Scottish whisky is the big inspiration. Rather than settle for copying the Scottish’s way, they create their own style of spirits. Nyborg Destilleri is located in old buildings that used to belong to DSB (Danske Statsbaner), but in 2017, Nyborg destilleri started to distil their spirits in these old, charming buildings. Organic Fionia Gin from Denmark Fionia Gin is distilled at Nyborg Destilleri’s mikro distillery, where everything is done by hand.
Fionia Organic Gin is based on citrus, ginger, juniper berries, coriander and distilled alcohol from barley*.
* Only 100% organic selected raw materials in this gin production.