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Perfekt tasting kit… 5 x 100 ml. top klasse rødvin, fra forskellige lande tappet i eksklusive glas tubes. Udvendig forklædt som “bog” og indvendig pakket i lækker æske med magnet luk. Super gave til vinelskeren !!

Domaine de Rombeau | Syrah blend | Roussillon | France | 14,5% vol.
This youthful wine has intense aromas of black fruit and spices. The aging in wooden barrels of
French oak, gives the wine a pleasant structure and notes of cacao of vanilla. Its tannins are beautifully
integrated. This Syrah blend pairs perfectly with grilled meat or duck breast.

Abrigo Giovanni | Dolcetto | Piedmont | Italy | 14% vol.
This wine from Abrigo Giovanni is a typical Dolcetto: a young and fruity red wine. You immediately
smell notes of wild berries, cherries and red fruits, along with the soft notes of tea, and
almonds. The name of the wine contains the Piedmontese dialect which stands for ‘exposed
to the sun’. That explains the ruby-red colour, the intense fresh-sweet flavours and the fine
acidity. Serve this wine with bruschetta, spaghetti bolognese or a classic lasagna.

Bodegas Peique | Mencía | Bierzo | Spain | 14% vol.
The gateway to Galicia, that is how the region of El Bierzo in the north-west of Spain is also
called. It is a very fertile plain, surrounded by high mountains. The wines from this area form
the transition between the fresh light wines from Galicia and the dark, heavy wines from the
Ribera de Duero wine region. The wine estate Bodegas Peique is located in the village of Valtuille
de Abajo at the foot of the Castro Ventosa. There, the local red grape Mencía hangs on
vines that are at least 45 years old. Fancy a nice evening with good friends and lots of tapas?
This fresh, supple wine, with all its fruit and floral notes, should not be missing on the table.

Placido Volpone | Sangiovese blend | Puglia | Italy | 13,5% vol.
In this wine from the Italian wine region of Puglia, two typical Italian blue grapes come together
and that is a magical combination. The generous Sangiovese and the heady Nero di Troia
combine to create an enchanting ruby red colour and provide intense scents of plums, blackberries,
redcurrants and raspberries with some spice in the distance. Versatility is key and you
can serve this wine with almost any dish. If we may advise something: hard cheeses and red
meat come into their own with this wine, just like almost any risotto or pasta.

Paloma Minguez | Bobal | Valencia | Spain | 14% vol.
The Bobal is a Spanish grape variety that gives off a deep red colour and produces tasty full-bodied
wines. Manuel Manzaneque and his wife Paloma Mínguez have only one goal: their wine
must have ‘soul’. And you can almost taste the passion for the terroir of Valencia and their many
vines in this Bobal. Scents of red fruit and cloves meet your nose. If you smell a little longer, they
make way for anise, wood and herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Fresh in the mouth, with
notes of red fruit, balsamic and spices. Of course you drink this wine with a typical Valencian
paella. If you don’t have this dish on the menu today the wine also pairs very well with smoked
ham, lamb dish and Gouda cheese.

*Wines can be subject to change

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